Canada Gazette, Part I, Volume 156, Number 9: MISCELLANEOUS NOTICES

February 26, 2022



Notice is hereby given, pursuant to subsection 39(3) of the Insurance Companies Act (Canada), that UFSC Heritage Life Insurance Fraternal Society (“UFSC”) intends to apply to the Minister of Finance (Canada), on or after March 15, 2022, for approval in writing to apply under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act for a certificate of continuance under that Act. It is proposed that upon such certificate of continuance coming into force the corporation’s legal name will be changed to UFSC Heritage Life Association.

Any person who objects to UFSC’s discontinuance from the Insurance Companies Act (Canada) may submit the objection in writing to the Superintendent of Financial Institutions, 255 Albert Street, 12th Floor, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H2, on or before March 15, 2022.

Winnipeg, February 4, 2022

Michael A. Lasko
President and Chief Executive Officer



Notice is hereby given that the Canadian branch of Westport Insurance Corporation (“Westport”) intends to make an application to the Superintendent of Financial Institutions pursuant to subsection 587.1(2) of the Insurance Companies Act (Canada) on or after March 29, 2022, for approval to reinsure, on an assumption basis, all or substantially all of the liabilities of Westport with the proposed Canadian branch of North American Specialty Insurance Corporation (“NAS”).

A copy of the proposed assumption reinsurance agreement will be made available for inspection by the policyholders of Westport during regular business hours at the offices of Westport, located at 150 King Street West, Suite 1000, Toronto, Ontario M5H 1J9, for a 30-day period after the date of publication of this notice. A copy of the proposed assumption reinsurance agreement will be provided to a policyholder upon written request.

Note: NAS has not yet received an order approving the insuring of risks in Canada and any approval of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions in respect of the assumption reinsurance transaction described above would be conditional on NAS first obtaining an order. Subject to regulatory approval in the United States, the name NAS will be changed to Swiss Re Corporate Solutions America Insurance Corporation, which would also be the name under which its Canadian branch would operate if an order is made. The publication of this notice should not be construed as evidence that an order will be made in respect of NAS or that the Superintendent will approve the application referred to above. The making of such an order and the granting of such an approval are dependent upon normal Insurance Companies Act (Canada) review processes, and the discretion of the Minister and/or the Superintendent (as the case may be).

February 26, 2022

Westport Insurance Corporation