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Is your organization required to publish notices in the Canada Gazette? Read the following steps carefully to ensure your notice is published on time.

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Step 1: Prepare your notice properly

If your notice contains images:

  • submit these images in the following file formats only: high-resolution PDF, JPEG, TIFF or EPS
  • include a detailed description in both official languages of any complex images, such as maps, graphs and charts

For help with images, call the Canada Gazette desktop publishing services at 613‑996‑1213 or 613‑996‑0889.

Step 2: Complete the insertion form


Contact the Canada Gazette Directorate for questions about our insertion forms.

Step 3: Submit the insertion form with your notice

You can submit your notice by email, by mail or in person.

Submitting by email

Attention: Do not send secret classified notices by email.

Email the following to

  • your completed insertion form
  • a Microsoft Word version of your notice in English
  • a Microsoft Word version of your notice in French

Submitting by mail or in person

Place the following in an envelope:

  • your completed insertion form
  • one paper copy of your notice in English
  • one paper copy of your notice in French
  • a Microsoft Word version of your notice on a USB stick:
    • your USB stick will be mailed back to you


Canada Gazette Directorate
Public Services and Procurement Canada
5-350 Albert St
Ottawa ON
K1A 0S5 (use this postal code when sending notices by mail)
K1R 1A4 (use this postal code when delivering notices in person)

Delivering your notice to the drop box

The Canada Gazette Directorate’s drop box is located at 350 Albert St on the 5th floor. It is accessible Monday to Friday, 7 am to 6 pm. Your courier may request an acknowledgement of receipt from the Canada Gazette Directorate, Monday to Friday, 8 am to noon or 1 pm to 4 pm.

You must deliver your notice before noon on Friday to publish in the following week’s issue of Canada Gazette, Part I.

Step 4: After you send in your notice and the insertion form

The Canada Gazette Directorate will call you to confirm:

  • receipt of your notice
  • publication date

If you have not received a phone call by noon eastern time on Monday of the publication week you requested, please call 613‑996‑1268 or 1‑866‑429‑3885.

The Canada Gazette Directorate will advise you if it makes any substantial changes to your notice, but does not send proofs for approval.

Step 5: After your notice is published

The Canada Gazette Directorate will send an invoice to the contact person you provided in the insertion form. If you have any questions regarding the invoice, please call 613‑996‑2495 or 1‑866‑429‑3885.

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